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The Hudson River Valley

The Hudson River Valley has served as inspiration for landscape painters since the early settlers began exploring the river and its lovely by-waters.

The popularity of the Hudson River as a landscape subject peaked in the nineteenth century with the Hudson River Painters, a group of seventy-two 19th-century landscape painters working in New York state.

With realistic composition, they depicted romantic views of unsettled areas of the Hudson River Valley, especially lakes, rocky gorges, and forests in the Catskill Mountains.

About a fourth of these artists utilized luminism or effects with special lighting techniques to convey lofty emotions through contrasts of light and dark. Included in this Hudson River luminist category were Washington Allston, Albert Bierstadt, William Hart, and Frederic Edwin Church.

Theses days are gone, but the Hudson River is still there, with its beautiful scenery and light, perfect for all kinds of representative techniques, and with our landscape painting excursions, you can be there to capture the wonder.

Our painting excursions are led by Dan Feldman, a very talented and enthusiastic artist, with much experience in both painting, and navigating the Hudson River. Dan will guide you to the best places, weather and conditions permitting, to create some truly wonderful pieces.

If you love to travel tranquil waters, experience stunning scenery and paint lovely scenes seldom seen by the world at large, you owe it to yourself to take one of our painting cruises.

Painting excursions (full day) are $150 per person with a 4 person minimum. This includes soft beverages, snacks and cookout on an island or beach. Again, if you choose, you can bring your own beer and wine.

* Please use waterbased or dry media and nonstaining colors only to help preserve our boat. Thank you.

To reserve your excursion, email us, call us at 845-667-1394, or fill in the reservation form - you'll be glad you did!


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